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21 September - 2018
Danish ministers show up less than average at Council meetingsDanish ministers show up less than average at Council meetings

It is not always ministers that show up at meetings in the Council of the European Union. This is evident after an...

09 November - 2018
danish companies brexit
The risk that the United Kingdom (UK) will leave the EU without an agreement on 29 March 2019 is imminent. The Danish government and business organisations have therefore stepped up efforts to inform citizens and companies about how they can prepare for a possible no deal Brexit.   It is...
13 October - 2018

The European Banking Supervision has passed the test

Although Denmark is not in the euro, we are probably the country that has the most interest in a stable currency and capital market in Europe.
23 August - 2018
holdning til eu danskere
The "EU" is not one unique entity to the Danes, as individual citizens vary significantly in their opinions towards different apects of the EU, such as membership, opt-outs and sovereignty. Age, gender and openness to other cultures or expert opinions can have significant implications for some, but...
12 June - 2018
In this report, we take stock of the effectiveness of existing national and European parliamentary oversight mechanisms...
23 May - 2018
dansk opbakning til EU
According to a new survey from Parliament's Eurobarometer, a record 76 percent of Danes think that the EU is a "good thing...
03 April - 2018

Throwing ’sovereignty’ into the debate has the potential to move opinion towards cooperation by up to 24...

The concept of ’sovereignty’ is typically taken to mean the ability of states to make their own laws and determine their own...
24 October - 2017
Investigation of informal trilogue negotiations
This study focuses on the use and added value, the lack of transparency and the possible democratic deficit of trilogues and...
15 September - 2017
How we can best contribute to truly completing the Digital Single Market? Our Analyst, Sarah Vormsby, joined the discussion...
11 August - 2017

The EP has largely been absent in key decision-making moments during the crisis.

07 March - 2017

Sticking together out of necessity is never the best strategy for a healthy relationship, and it is the...

The EU must develop an effective core precisely in order to avoid further fragmentation. In the end, its success could be...
21 February - 2017

Who should carry the torch further now that Obama is no longer at the White House? Europe should.

Europe can become a an alternative to Trump and Putin by defending the open and free society, the liberal international...