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EU-Africa webinar 3 February 2022
10 February - 2022
EU-Africa-Relations: Time to Refocus Denmark's Engagement?EU-Africa Relations: Time to Refocus Denmark's Engagement?

The webinar explored the ways the EU could strengthen the partnership with AU and the African countries. The EU's...

01 May - 2021

Voters seem to vote for Eurosceptic parties in spite of their Eurosceptic stance...

Vice-director Catharina Sørensen with William Rohde Madsen have contributed to the book 'Deliberative Democracy in the EU'....
27 April - 2021
25 March - 2021
China has imposed retaliatory sanctions on 10 individuals and 4 institutions in Europe. We represent over 30 directors of...
08 February - 2021

66 per cent in Denmark say that Europe cannot always rely on the US and needs to look...

Donald Trump may have done lasting damage to the United States’ reputation even in pro-American Denmark.  
23 January - 2021
Coronavirus, genstartEU
In January 2021 Think Tank EUROPE publihed a report on the consequences of Covid-19 on the EU’s single market. It shows that...
08 December - 2020

New survey data from ECFR and Think Tank EUROPA reveal why Danes may be abandoning...