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08 February - 2021

66 per cent in Denmark say that Europe cannot always rely on the US and needs to look after its own defence capabilities.

Donald Trump may have done lasting damage to the United States’ reputation even in pro-American Denmark.  
23 January - 2021
Coronavirus, genstartEU
In January 2021 Think Tank EUROPE publihed a report on the consequences of Covid-19 on the EU’s single market. It shows that the single market passed the stress test of the first wave. "However, as with the virus, some aftereffects might pose to be a bigger test in 2021 and the years to follow....
07 May - 2020
Romanian doctors and health professionals arrive in Italy. Photo: EU Commission.
Germany accepts Covid-19 patients from Italy, Romania and Poland send doctors, and France donates masks and protective suits...
17 January - 2020
A strong European network will enable us to provide even better analysis and knowledge of Denmark's role and opportunities...
02 November - 2019
Denmark’s EU defence opt-out increasingly excludes Denmark from participating in the EU’s defence and security cooperation....
22 October - 2019
Director Lykke Friis
Now more than ever, Denmark needs a factual and nuanced discussion on how best to engage with the EU, says Lykke Friis, who...
30 June - 2019

Significant disagreement in the Council exists on the nature of the European Monetary...

What is the status of the proposals put forward in the roadmap to enhance the democratic accountability of the EMU?
03 June - 2019
Representative Democracy
Representative democracy is beset by a crisis of legitimacy across the world, but in Europe this crisis is compounded by the...
03 May - 2019
How come some small member states in the EU have more influence over policy-making than their size suggests they should have...
07 March - 2019
Think Tank EUROPA joins the EPSC Leadership Academy
In February, Think Tank EUROPA took part in the "Leadership Academy" programme hosted by the European Political Strategy...