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21 September - 2018
Danish ministers show up less than average at Council meetingsDanish ministers show up less than average at Council meetings

It is not always ministers that show up at meetings in the Council of the European Union. This is evident after an...

09 November - 2018
danish companies brexit
The risk that the United Kingdom (UK) will leave the EU without an agreement on 29 March 2019 is imminent. The Danish government and business organisations have therefore stepped up efforts to inform citizens and companies about how they can prepare for a possible no deal Brexit.   It is...
13 October - 2018

The European Banking Supervision has passed the test

Although Denmark is not in the euro, we are probably the country that has the most interest in a stable currency and capital market in Europe.
23 August - 2018
holdning til eu danskere
The "EU" is not one unique entity to the Danes, as individual citizens vary significantly in their opinions towards different apects of the EU, such as membership, opt-outs and sovereignty. Age, gender and openness to other cultures or expert opinions can have significant implications for some, but...
17 February - 2017
Photo: European Parliament.
Based on her new book on lobbying in the EP, Maja Kluger Dionigi explains in the PADEMIA-paper when and how interest groups...
02 February - 2017
Rompuy speaking at Think Tank EUROPAs annual Conference
More than 300 decision makers were gathered at the annual Think Europa Conference January 25th 2017. The conference offered...
16 December - 2016
The transparency of EU institutions’ interactions with interest representatives is again very much the talk of the town in...
29 November - 2016
Digitisation has the potential both to disrupt and develop Europe. No citizen, company or decision-maker will be left...
08 November - 2016

After years of crisis, the European Union is trembling. The tectonic plates of our old and noble continent...

This speech was given by director of Think Tank EUROPA Bjarke Møller at the "Model European Parliament" that took place in...
20 September - 2016
Academic Research by Think Tank EUROPA
Think Tank EUROPA contributes to the field of European studies through academic publications with leading international...
08 June - 2016
Denmark has increasingly supported membership in the EU’s European market against the background of critical voters.
16 December - 2015

The overwhelming sense I received from the diplomats I spoke to was that Britain has isolated itself in...

The UK is now so isolated in Europe that other countries don't want to be seen as our ally, according to top officials...