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Investigation of informal trilogue negotiations
24 October - 2017
Investigation of informal trilogue negotiationsInvestigation of informal trilogue negotiations

This study focuses on the use and added value, the lack of transparency and the possible democratic deficit of trilogues...

15 September - 2017
How we can best contribute to truly completing the Digital Single Market? Our Analyst, Sarah Vormsby, joined the discussion at the Prague European Summit. Watch full video stream below.
11 August - 2017

The EP has largely been absent in key decision-making moments during the crisis.

07 March - 2017

Sticking together out of necessity is never the best strategy for a healthy relationship, and it is the last thing the EU needs to exit crisis mode.

The EU must develop an effective core precisely in order to avoid further fragmentation. In the end, its success could be the necessary draw to induce member states to reconstruct a more cohesive continent.
30 June - 2015
Video from this year's ThinkEuropa Festival. Denmark's foreign minister Martin Lidegaard talks about the challanges in the...
30 June - 2015
Video from this year's ThinkEuropa Festival. Watch Jim Hagemann Snabe, former CEO of SAP and board member at World Economic...
09 January - 2015
Enormous unredeemed growth potential in the single marked
The EU’s internal market holds great untapped potential worth billions, which could make a vital contribution to stimulating...
03 December - 2014
Opt-out harms fight against stalking
New EU rules regarding protection for victims of stalking and harrassment enters into force in January 2015. The rules...
23 November - 2014
Danes are more ambivalent towards the internal market says new survey from the Think Tank EUROPA
Freedom of movement for labour is a founding principle of the EU. The EU defines the single market by the four freedoms of...
21 November - 2014

The stimulus package cannot work by itself. Innovation in economic policy should accompany the package....

18 November - 2014
There is scope for a large European investment plan of 100 bn. euro per year
A threefold crisis has struck Europe. Growth is low, underinvestment is a problem, and Europe’s productivity is losing...
14 November - 2014
Jean-Claude Piris at the Think Europa Festival
It is hard to think of anybody with greater insight into the legal workings of the EU than Jean-Claude Piris, who visited...