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Bjarke Møller

Articles and publications by this employee

Brief — 21. September - 2018

It is not always ministers that show up at meetings in the Council of the European Union. This is evident after an examination of participation lists from Council meetings June 2015 to August 2018...

Comment — 21. February - 2017

Europe can become a an alternative to Trump and Putin by defending the open and free society, the liberal international economic order, the rule of law, human rights, the humanist value of...

Report — 29. November - 2016

Digitisation has the potential both to disrupt and develop Europe. No citizen, company or decision-maker will be left untouched by the consequences. The EU must now fully embrace digitisation, and...

Speech — 08. November - 2016

This speech was given by director of Think Tank EUROPA Bjarke Møller at the "Model European Parliament" that took place in Copenhagen October 29 to November 5 2016.