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Catharina Sørensen

Articles and publications by this employee

Paper — 23. August - 2018

The "EU" is not one unique entity to the Danes, as individual citizens vary significantly in their opinions towards different apects of the EU, such as membership, opt-outs and...

Paper — 23. May - 2018

According to a new survey from Parliament's Eurobarometer, a record 76 percent of Danes think that the EU is a "good thing". This is the highest proportion measured in Denmark since 1974 when...

Comment — 03. April - 2018

The concept of ’sovereignty’ is typically taken to mean the ability of states to make their own laws and determine their own policies. But the role of the EU in questions of sovereignty is complex...

Comment — 07. March - 2017

The EU must develop an effective core precisely in order to avoid further fragmentation. In the end, its success could be the necessary draw to induce member states to reconstruct a more cohesive...

Analysis — 16. December - 2015

In using two languages, the campaigners on Denmark’s referendum spoke past one another, failed to understand each other and divided Denmark into two opposing camps.