Join us at the ThinkEuropa Festival 2014

ThinkEuropa Festival 2014

On saturday the 8th of November 2014 you have the opportunity to meet leading European politicians, intellectuals, authors and chefs at the ThinkEuropa Festival in Copenhagen. The majority of the program will be in english.

You will have the opportunity to hear key european intellectuals such as professor Marlene Wind and legal advisor in the EU Jean-Claude Piris, to be inspired by two of the most succesful Danish chefs, Michelin-starred Anita Klemensen and food-as-an-event creative chef Bo Lindegaard. Or hear a team of four great northern writers, Göran Rosenberg from Sweden, Eirkikur Norddal from Iceland and Jens Christian Grøndahl and Sissel-Jo Gazan from Denmark, discuss litterature as the great conducter in European culture.

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The ThinkEuropa festival is a new yearly event that will debate the future of Europe. The focus on political as well as cultural, intellectual, gastronomical and industrial parts of the European project creates the backdrop for a more nuanced debate on what we would like the future of Europe to look like.

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The festival takes place in Copenhagen at the Carlsberg Museum and Business centre.

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The festival is supported by the City of Copenhagen

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