‘The future of Europe’ by Jean-Claude Piris

Jean-Claude Piris at the Think Europa Festival

Summary It is hard to think of anybody with greater insight into the legal workings of the EU than Jean-Claude Piris, who visited our ThinkEuropa festival last Saturday. Videos of the keynote speech and the following debate are now available online.

Jean-Claude Piris has been the most important legal advisor to the European Council and the Council of Ministers since the beginning of the 1990s. He thus played an important role in creating the Edinburgh Treaty that allowed Denmark its four opt-outs in 1992. Recently, he visited Copenhagen in connection with Think Tank EUROPA’s festival, where he argued for a two-speed Europe in which hesitant member states are left in the dust.
 Watch a video of Piris' speech here
After the keynote speech, a panel debate took place between Jean-Claude Piris, Copenhagen University Professor Marlene Wind, and previous star diplomat and member of Think Tank EUROPA’s strategy committee and advisory board Poul Skytte Christoffersen. Think Tank EUROPA’s Director, Bjarke Møller, moderated the debate.
Watch a video of the panel debate here
In the near future we will upload more videos to our YouTube channel, both from the festival and from future events.
See pictures from the festival here

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