Thinkforce: Social security and freedom of movement

In the spring of 2014, Think Tank EUROPA gathered a group of leading Danish experts, called the thinkforce, to lay new foundations for the debate on family allowance and non-Danish EU citizens’ access to Danish welfare benefits. The debate was marked by tension between the major Danish parties during their European Parliamentary Election campaigns, so the thinkforce’s ambition was to collect knowledge and facts on topics such as the scope of the EU’s freedom of movement and the amount of pressure placed on social services including unemployment benefits and family allowance.
The thinkforce’s objective was to investigate potential scenarios and arrive at specific recommendations on how Denmark can settle on a model that both ensures fundamental EU rights and takes Denmark’s high degree of welfare into account. The results of their work were collected and presented in a report produced in early June, and also formed the basis of several of Think Tank EUROPA’s debates during this year’s edition of the Danish annual political event, Folkemødet 2014.
Read the full report on social security and freedom of movement here
The thinkforce’s main task was to explore the many different aspects of the debate on freedom of movement and welfare benefits and come up with suggestions as to how the Danes’ concerns can be addressed.
On the basis of the experts’ input, Think Tank EUROPA has drafted a report with concrete recommendations for politicians. Several of these suggestions have sparked interest among the politicians, such as the proposal to introduce EU hearings in legislative work. Read about political interest in the report here (in Danish)

Bent Gravesen
Historiker og fhv. chefkonsulent i SF
Jens Arnholtz Hansen
Ph.d., FAOS, Københavns Universitet
Tine Horwitz
CEO, Consortium for Global Talent
Niels Ploug
Afdelingsdirektør, Dansk Statistik
Gunde Odgaard
Sekretariatschef, BAT-kartellet
Erik Simonsen
Underdirektør, Dansk Arbejdsgiverforening
Mikkel Barslund
Ph.d. og økonom ved Centre for European Policy Studies i Bruxell
Kirsten Ketscher
Professor, dr.jur., Københavns Universitet