10 February - 2022
EU-Africa webinar 3 February 2022
The webinar explored the ways the EU could strengthen the partnership with AU and the African countries. The EU's...
07 December - 2021

Danes, including Danish politicians, tend to stop short of the Germans Alps when...

This speech was delivered by Kirsten Biering at the Conference - Countdown to the French EU Presidency - 29 November 2021....
21 September - 2021
Kommissionsformand Ursula von der Leyen og SPD's Olaf Scholz. Foto Europa-Kommissionen
One should not expect members of Europe’s political families to automatically cheer for one another. Copenhagen may find...
27 April - 2021
26 August - 2020

Brexit has denied Denmark a regular ally in EU negotiations. Copenhagen can find new...

Brexit has denied Denmark a regular ally in EU negotiations. Copenhagen can find new friends – but it should start the hard...
02 November - 2019
Denmark’s EU defence opt-out increasingly excludes Denmark from participating in the EU’s defence and security cooperation....
30 June - 2019

Significant disagreement in the Council exists on the nature of the European Monetary...

What is the status of the proposals put forward in the roadmap to enhance the democratic accountability of the EMU?
03 June - 2019
Representative Democracy
Representative democracy is beset by a crisis of legitimacy across the world, but in Europe this crisis is compounded by the...
03 May - 2019
How come some small member states in the EU have more influence over policy-making than their size suggests they should have...
31 October - 2018
The Future of Schengen
This autumn, new controversy surrounded the Schengen border cooperation, as the Danish government decided to extend the...
13 October - 2018

The European Banking Supervision has passed the test

Although Denmark is not in the euro, we are probably the country that has the most interest in a stable currency and capital...
21 September - 2018
It is not always ministers that show up at meetings in the Council of the European Union. This is evident after an...
12 June - 2018
In this report, we take stock of the effectiveness of existing national and European parliamentary oversight mechanisms...
24 October - 2017
Investigation of informal trilogue negotiations
This study focuses on the use and added value, the lack of transparency and the possible democratic deficit of trilogues and...
11 August - 2017

The EP has largely been absent in key decision-making moments during the crisis.