How we can best contribute to truly completing the DSM?

Summary How we can best contribute to truly completing the Digital Single Market? Our Analyst, Sarah Vormsby, joined the discussion at the Prague European Summit. Watch full video stream below.

In June, Sarah Vormsby, Analyst at Think Tank EUROPA, participated in the annual Prague European Summit, as one out of 70 speakers. At the 2017 Summit a special focus was on political radicalisation in Europe, Brexit and the future of the single market, the banking union, the digital agenda and the new form of transatlantic relations.
The Prague European Summit was started in 2015 and is an initiative by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and the Institute of International Relations, and is under the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, the Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic and the City of Prague. It has been established to trigger a strategic and open debate on the future of the EU among high-level political representatives, government officials, business representatives, researchers, scientists and journalists from the Czech Republic, EU countries, V4 countries and others.
Sarah Vormsby participated in the debate “The Future of Digital Europa” along with Václav Mach, Legal and Corporate Affairs Lead at Microsoft Corporation, Ondřej Malý, Digital Agenda Coordinator at the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, Taavi Roivas, Vice President of the Estonian Parliament and Former Prime Minister of Estonia, and lastly Jaanika Merilo, Vice Mayor of Dnipro and Advisor to Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation and Mayor of Lviv in Ukraine. In the debate, they addressed how we can best contribute to truly completing the Digital Single Market?
You can watch the debate here:

In November 2016, Think Tank EUROPA presented its report Disrupting Europe, addressing the same question: how can we complete the Digital Single Market in Europa? The report proposes a more proactive and ambitious digital strategy across all aspects of European society. It gives several recommendations to decision makers on how they can speed up the transformation to a more digital Europe.

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