Transatlantic Relations after president Joe Biden's first 100 days

President Joe Biden has come into office with the promise of restoring alliances and having the US reengage in global issues like climate, tax and fighting the covid-19 pandemic. At the top of the new administration’s agenda is also the approach to China. Where does this leave the EU and transatlantic relations? How central is the EU to the US and its interests in Europe? And how does the public in European countries view Biden’s America?

This webinar centers on transatlantic relations under the Biden Administration and the role of the EU and its member states. 


  • Introductory remarks by director of Think Tank Europa, Lykke Friis
  • New possibilities in the transatlantic relationship, Denmark's Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jeppe Kofod
  • How do Europeans view Biden’s America and the transatlantic relations, director of European Council of Foreign Relations, Mark Leonard
  • Q&A

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5 MAY 2021, 2 PM - 2.45 PM