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Think Tank EUROPA joins the EPSC Leadership Academy

Summary In February, Think Tank EUROPA took part in the "Leadership Academy" programme hosted by the European Political Strategy Centre. The final report is now available online.

The Leadership Academy is a flagship programme of the European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC) – the in-house think tank of the European Commission. It seeks to build up a dynamic network of young think tankers, researchers, community leaders and other change-makers.

In Febuary 2019 Think Tank EUROPA's head of communications, Malte Kjems, joined the four-day programme in Brussels from along with think tankers and researchers from all EU27 memeber states.

This included debates with senior officials of the EU institutions on current policy issues, interactive exchanges with inspiring speakers, offering unique perspectives on the future of Europe, and work on a final project: A report, which was submitted to the President of the European Commission in preparation for the EU Leaders' Summit in Sibiu.

Download final report from the Leadership Academy 2019

4 case study were developed in groups during the programme looking at a policy field from a strategic viewpoint: How it is expected to develop in the future? Why a European response is needed? And how it can be designed?

These case studies includes:

  • Innovation and high tech
  • Enhancing EU Foreign Policy Capacities
  • The challenge of democratic decline
  • Cohesion - ‘No one left behind’

Join the discussion

As part of its contribution to the Leaders’ Agenda, the EPSC is building up a dynamic network of young think tankers, researchers, community leaders and other change-makers. Through the Leadership Academy the EPSC seeks to provide new impetus and fresh insights to the debate on the Future of Europe.

You can join the discussion using the hashtags #RoadToSibiu and #FutureOfEurope on Twitter.

Pictures of the Leadership Academy available through the Commission's Audiovisual service.

More information on the Leadership Academy available on the EPSC website.

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