08 February - 2021

66 per cent in Denmark say that Europe cannot always rely on the US and needs to look...

Donald Trump may have done lasting damage to the United States’ reputation even in pro-American Denmark.  
29 June - 2020

For many Danes, the EU’s early efforts were too little, too late.

This text was written as a country report on Denmark for the EFCR Policy Brief, Together in Trauma: European and the World...
07 May - 2020
Romanian doctors and health professionals arrive in Italy. Photo: EU Commission.
Germany accepts Covid-19 patients from Italy, Romania and Poland send doctors, and France donates masks and protective suits...
28 November - 2018
In a new book, Think Tank EUROPA, together with think tanks from 19 other European countries, takes the temperature of...
02 November - 2018
On several crucial issues, Danish women are more positive about EU partnership than Danish men. This is shown in a new poll...
23 August - 2018
holdning til eu danskere
The "EU" is not one unique entity to the Danes, as individual citizens vary significantly in their opinions towards...
23 May - 2018
dansk opbakning til EU
According to a new survey from Parliament's Eurobarometer, a record 76 percent of Danes think that the EU is a "good thing...
03 April - 2018

Throwing ’sovereignty’ into the debate has the potential to move opinion towards...

The concept of ’sovereignty’ is typically taken to mean the ability of states to make their own laws and determine their own...