Summary In a new book, Think Tank EUROPA, together with think tanks from 19 other European countries, takes the temperature of direct democracy in the EU member states.

In the wake of several major crises over the past 10 years, the EU faces a number of democratic challenges. Several argue that these require fundamental changes in the actual cooperation of the EU. However, despite Brexit and the populist movement in several member states, the democratic challenges do not seem to get addressed through reforms and concrete proposals.

In a new book - Direct Democracy in the EU: The Myth of a Citizens' Union - think tanks from 20 EU countries contribute to drawing a picture of how citizens, states and EU institutions have evolved in a complex union.
The book examines whether European solidarity and identity can be strengthened if the peoples of the EU member states gain better control of the EU. 

The book is part of the Erasmus + project Towards a Citizens' Union, which brings together 20 European think tanks from the European Policy Institutes network (EPIN). It is the first of three in total scheduled releases. Think Tank EUROPA's research director, Catharina Sørensen, has contributed to the book with a chapter on direct democracy in a Danish perspective.

Towards a Citizens' Union is led by the Brussels-based think tank CEPS.

Read more about the book on CEPS website


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