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Think Tank EUROPA is an independent Copenhagen-based think tank focusing on Europe. We strive to ensure that European affairs with a Danish perspective become more visible in national policy debates.

Through evidence-based inquiry, EUROPA aims to substantiate and improve the foundation on which policy decisions with a bearing on Denmark’s position in Europe are being made – irrespective of political ideology.

Facts and focus

Think Tank EUROPA was established in 2013 by the Central Organisation of Industrial Employees in Denmark (CO-industri) and the Confederation of Danish Industry (Dansk Industri), in order to strengthen public and political debates on Europe in Denmark. In 2019-2020, the think tank was relaunched with new statutes, a new board and a new director. The statutes proclaim that the think tank relies on evidence-based practice in its work and has particular emphasis on the EU’s global position.

In January 2020, Think Tank EUROPA established a strategic partnership with the European think tank European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), which has offices in seven European capitals. 

Current areas of focus include:

  • The EU’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis
  • Post-crisis recovery, specifically the relaunch of the single market
  • EU summits and other large-scale European events
  • Brexit
  • EU migration and asylum policy
  • Germany’s EU policy
  • Attitudes towards the EU and Euroscepticism
  • EU climate and energy policy

Think Tank EUROPA is widely recognised as a relevant and prominent think tank in Denmark. Our results—as of August 2020–include:

  • More than 7,500 quotations in Danish media since the establishment in January 2014. More than 650 quotations in Danish media and 70 features in radio and TV during the corona crisis. 
  • More than 100 own events with keynote addresses by Prime Ministers, European Commissioners, and top business executives.
  • Hosting of the annual Europe Conference which has become a go-to-place for Danish EU policy actors.
  • Hub for national and international media on Denmark’s relations with the EU. Interviews with Financial Times, Reuters, Spiegel, AFP, ARD, and Deutschlandfunk among others.
  • Analyses and research to Danish politicians and decision-makers.
  • Our COVID-19 survey of June 2020, made in cooperation with the ECFR, was quoted by the New York Times, Süddeutsche, Politico, Le Monde, La Stampa, Guardian etc.
  • 3,800 newsletter subscribers including politicians and senior personnel in the public administration, NGO’s and private sector.
  • More than 300 students have completed the Academy of Think Tank EUROPA.
  • Academic papers on lobbyism, Euroscepticism, and diplomacy among others.

We conduct independent and evidence-based analyses on Europe. We provide new knowledge about current challenges and their possible impact on Denmark, and we participate with expert knowledge in the public debate. We monitor all major European events, such as summits and elections in key member states.

We are a policy-oriented think tank. By bringing up European topics and agendas before they reach a wide audience, we facilitate and substantiate deliberation on possible Danish positions. For that purpose, we gather researchers and practitioners from Denmark and abroad for roundtables. 

We draw on an extensive network of other think tanks, companies, NGO’s and public servants in Denmark and internationally. In collaboration with our strategic partner, ECFR, we develop policy recommendations suitable for pan-European discussion.

We are a go-to-place for events on Danish European affairs. We host conferences, webinars and briefings on selected topics–often in collaboration with external partners. We also contribute with European perspectives to conferences, corporate events, or the like. We help journalists and other professionals from abroad in carrying out analyses of Danish EU policy. 

EU policy–as all policy areas–ought to be subject to public deliberation and debate. Therefore, we disseminate our analyses and research to the general public through presentations and the media.

Think Tank EUROPA does not take collective positions. Analyses, briefs etc. represent only the view of the author(s).


EUROPA was founded by CO-industri and Dansk Industri in 2013. We are an independent and non-profit organisation founded to promote and substantiate the Danish public debate on the EU and Europe. Our premises are in Copenhagen.

The Think Tank is comprised by a director and employees, a board, and an advisory board.

Lykke Friis has been the director of Think Tank EUROPA since December 2019. Jørgen Tang-Jensen has been chairman of the board since August 2020. Furthermore, the board is composed of CO-industri’s sitting President, Claus Jensen, Dansk Industri’s Executive Director, Lars Sandahl Sørensen, Stakeholder Relations, Communications & Marketing at Danske Bank, Jacob Bøss, CEO of Netcompany, André Rogaczewski, Jens Maaløe (appointed by Fremstillingsindustrien and chairman of Poul Due Jensens Fond), Director General of Danish Shipping, Anne H. Steffensen and former CEO of the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, Anne Lawaetz Arhnung. The board has the overall responsibility for the Think Tank’s operations and strategy.

In addition, an advisory board of up to 25 members is appointed to advise the Think Tank’s management and give their input to its ongoing work. Furthermore, the Think Tank has a strong network of academic and policy experts contributing to refining EUROPA’s work and policy recommendations.
Think Tank EUROPA is independent in conducting its work, and activities are chosen and carried out in accordance with its statutes, without regard to contributions from members or other contributors


Think Tank EUROPA is funded by supporting memberships, foundations and the like. Currently, the think tank is supported by Industriens Fond, William Demant Fonden, Forskningsfonden, Lundbeckfonden, Europa-Nævnet and IBM among others.

Companies, organisations, trade unions and others support the Think Tank through individual memberships. Currently, the Think Tank has five strategic partners (Dansk Industri, CO-industri, Danske Bank, Netcompany, and Fremstillingsindustrien) and a wide circle of supporting members.

If you are interested in supporting Think Tank EUROPA and contributing to strengthening and substantiating Danish debates on the EU and Europe, please contact

Data protection

We do our utmost to protect personal data and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can access our data protection policy here (in Danish).