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Think Tank Europa
Nygade 4. 4. th.
1164 Copenhagen K

Indgang fra Klostergaarden
+45 33 13 07 30

We are an independent think tank focusing on European issues. We are dedicated to finding constructive and forward-looking answers to Denmark’s role in the European Union.
VISION: We promote engagement in Europe. It is not a matter of saying “yes” or “no” to the EU. It is about how Europe should look in the future and the role Denmark should play in it.
MISSION: On the basis of competent research and independent analysis, the think tank will qualify, refine and influence the debate on Europe in Denmark for the benefit of the broader public.

Facts and focal points

The think tank’s research fields include:

  • Labour market policy
  • The EU’s internal market
  • The EU’s handling of the economic crisis
  • Danes’ attitudes towards the EU
  • Danish opt-outs from EU policy
  • Democracy
  • European growth, competitiveness and employment
  • Other current affairs

We conduct critical and independent analyses which ignite debate, and we seek to present new knowledge on the current challenges facing the EU, its value and new ideas for the future of Europe. We also hold events and seminars on topics selected specifically for both decision makers and the broader public.
The think tank engages in major European political events such as EU summits, European Parliamentary elections and referenda. In addition, we work with a number of “Thinkforces” – expert groups – who investigate relevant current topics.

Their work contributes to tangible analyses and recommendations for Danish decision makers.
The think tank communicates in a targeted and out-reaching manner in order to set and contribute to European political agendas. One aspect of this work is to establish a European political network in Denmark, which will involve respected forces in Danish and international European politics in its work.
Our overall ambition is for our activities to increase the Danish public’s knowledge about the EU, just as they contribute to validating and adding nuances to the debate on a collective Europe.


The think tank was founded by the Central Organisation of Industrial Employees in Denmark (CO-industri) and the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI). We are an independent association and have been established as a limited liability cooperation between DI and CO-industri. The think tank is an independent, non-profit association with a charitable objective to promote and substantiate the debate on Europe in Denmark.
The think tank is comprised of a director, a secretariat, a strategic committee, an advisory board and a number of networks.
Bjarke Møller is the Director of the think tank, leads its daily operations and is the face of the organisation. Poul Skytte Christoffersen is Chairman of the the think tank’s strategic committee who has overall responsibility for the think tank’s operations and strategy. CO-industri’s sitting President, Claus Jensen, and DI’s Executive Director, Karsten Dybvad, are members of the strategic committee.

In addition, an advisory board of up to 15 members is on hand to advise the think tank’s management and give their input to its ongoing work. The think tank has also set up a series of expert panels and “Thinkforces”, who will assist in developing qualified recommendations.
The think tank is entirely independent and its activities are chosen and carried out without concerning and without support from members or other contributors.


Think Tank EUROPA is financed through foundations and companies, as well as trade unions and other stakeholders who wish to take out an individual membership, which costs 50,000 DKK per year.
The EUROPA think tank is supported by the private philanthropic Danish Industry Foundation (Industriens Fond) and IUS (Industriens Uddannelses- og Samarbejdsfond) in addition to the individual memberships.