EU reduces mobile phone roaming rates for holiday goers

Cheaper phone and roaming charges in the EU

We all know the horror of coming home to a huge mobile phone bill after holidaying abroad. But it can be hard to put your mobile away when you’re on holiday – especially on a rainy day somewhere in Europe.
Now there is no need to fear massive mobile phone bills when you return from your holidays if your chosen destination is within the EU. The EU has introduced a price cap which limits how expensive your bill can become. Think Tank EUROPA has calculated that families who download a lot of data during their holidays could save 3,500 DKK a year compared to 2012.
“There is finally more control over the sky-high roaming rates which cause many Danes uncertainly over the holiday season. The EU has introduced a price cap which means that from 1 July the maximum prices will be much lower,” Think Tank EUROPA’s senior economist Mikkel Høegh says.
The lowering of mobile phone roaming rates is a clear example of how common rules within the EU’s internal market can be of benefit. In 2012, the EU entered into a battle with the major mobile phone providers which profited from the high roaming rates that have caused Danes to turn pale as soon as they return from holidays and see their phone bill. Now the EU has entered into an agreement with the phone providers, which Hoegh applauds:  
“Denmark could not reach this sort of agreement on its own. It is an excellent example of how the EU’s internal market benefits consumers.”
See the new rates and how much you will save in the table below:

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